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EURES in Croatia

The purpose of EURES is to provide information, advice, and recruitment and placement services to employers and jobseekers, as well as to all citizens who might need information and advice on the free movement of workers.

At national level, the EURES network is composed of seven EURES Advisers and over 20 EURES Assistants. EURES Advisers have specialised knowledge of practical, legal and administrative prerequisites related to mobility at national and European level. Also, in cross-border regions where there is potential or a significant degree of cross-border commuting, EURES plays an important role in providing information and assistance in solving all kinds of problems related to cross-border commuting that workers and employers may encounter.

The Croatian Employment Service (CES) has been a member of the EURES network since 2013, and since 2016, its central office has been acting as the National Coordination Office for EURES in Croatia. The National Coordination Office for EURES in Croatia is composed of the Head of the National Coordination Office and expert advisers. National Coordination Offices for EURES are responsible for the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2016/589 in their respective Member States.