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EURES in Croatia

EURES provides information, counselling, and recruitment and placement services to workers and employers from the Republic of Croatia and other Member States forming the European single market.

Information services cover the following areas:

  • sources of vacancies
  • legal, administrative and practical prerequisites for mobility
  • identification of potential dangers

Counselling services cover the following areas:

  • enhancing the potential for mobility
  • suggestions for drafting quality CVs
  • suggestions for drafting quality vacancy notices

Information and counselling services include the provision of written sources of information and referral to other institutions, information points or support services, according to the specificities of the query or request. The purpose of these services is to enable jobseekers to make an informed decision on mobility, and to help employers increase their potential to attract suitable workers.

The services are available via email and telephone. As a general rule, queries are replied to on the same or the following working day, and the legal deadline for replying is 14 days. Communication with all staff is possible in Croatian and English, and exceptionally in Spanish, German and Italian.

Information and counselling are elements of recruitment and placement services, which additionally include:

  • advertising job vacancies and providing information on them
  • receiving and processing CVs of candidates for advertised vacancies
  • organising job fairs and selection procedures

All services are free of charge for jobseekers and employers.